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Solidify your case for Ultra Infiltrant.

There's a solid line of thinking in the copper infiltration of ferrous PM parts and it can change the way you do business. Ultra Infiltrant is a wrought, homogeneous copper-based alloy that offers significant benefits over powder form copper infiltrants. Benefits like less waste, improved productivity and increased strength. Benefits that affect your production line and ultimately your bottom line. Ultra Infiltrant is available in single and multi-turn wire rings, straight-length slugs, or other configurations to accommodate virtually any automated process. Ultra Infiltrant was designed for copper infiltration of ferrous PM parts in today's cost competitive manufacturing environments, where the handling of fragile green infiltrant slugs is difficult and can lead to excessive waste. Additionally, it performs well in nitrogen-hydrogen based atmospheres so widely used in sintering operations globally.

Solidify your infiltration process for Ultra Infiltrant.

Less waste, easier production, superior product: what more is there? Ultra Infiltrant revolutionizes the PM industry by eliminating all the negatives associated with infiltrant powders and improving on the process as a whole. The net result? How about overwhelmed customers and a boost to your bottom line? That's what Ultra Infiltrant offers, so put it to work and get started on a solid line of thinking.