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Gains & Losses

Less Waste.
Easier Production.
Superior Product.

  • Lose the need to inventory bulky infiltrant powder
  • Lose the development and maintenance costs associated with infiltrant tooling
  • Lose the tremendous cost associated with compacting presses to produce the infiltrant slugs
  • Lose the labor and overhead costs related to producing the infiltrant slugs
  • Lose the additional lubricant that can contaminate the sintering furnace
  • Easy to handle – no breakage problems means no waste
  • Improved productivity – faster assembly of the infiltrant with the green compact
  • Easy to automate placement of the infiltrant – strong, regular shape
  • No waste or infiltrant scrap – lower production costs
  • Precise infiltrant weight control – uniform, consistently infiltrated product
  • Consistent response in sintering – no segregated powder ingredients
  • Higher infiltrant efficiency – no lubricant loss, no residue
  • Uniform copper distribution in the final part – consistent size, strength, hardness
  • Final part ready to use – no residue, no erosion